Do you generate motor oil used in your process? !we want to meet you¡


Hazardous waste management

We collect all types of hazardous waste with the exception of infectious Biologicals

Industrial Cleaning

Cleaning of tanks, dykes, pits and more

Environmental Consulting

We have personalized advice for compliance with current regulations

Our Company

Expirience that support us

 We have fully trained personnel witj more than 10 years of expirience in hazardous waste management

We care about your waste

with us you can rest assured that your waste will be destined in the best possible way

The best option for your waste

let our team of experts take care of the work

Comunicate with us

We are always there!

We would love to know your needs as a company and help you solve any situation with hazardous waste.

Eco Residuos S.A. de C.V

Plata, 45186 Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico



In case of emergency we solve instantly.

Comunicate with us.


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